Monday, June 20, 2011

Less than Sensational Mommy

Our daughter has been struggling lately.... ALOT.

We have gone through a lot of changes lately...

Graduating from Preschool

Flooding in our town that has affected alot of our family

The kick off program at her 'new' 'big' school.

Storms (rain, thunder etc)

Family changes (displaced family members have been around our home a lot more than usual).

Started our 'first' organized team sport (soccer).

Summer in general-- meaning Mommy isn't the most structured and schedule orientated as she should be.

We have been dealing with alot of meltdowns (they are different than tantrums) because things aren't the way that they 'should' be. We are dealing with a lot of anxiety because things aren't the way they are 'supposed' to be. Schedules aren't working, structure is non-existant in our home as of lately.

My 'fly by the seat of your pants' lifestyle is NOT healthy for my "I need structure and routine" child.... I know this. During the school year it is alot easier because my child is in 'school' for a big portion of my 'crazy' day so  I only have to make sure that I structure later in the day. Let's face it... I suck at structure and routine. Plain and Simple... God really messed up when he blessed me with this amazing child. I mean really... apparently he didn't REALLY think it through. I am bound to screw this child up ....

But because of these changes we are also seeing a 'sleep' change which lets face it... SUCK BIG TIME!!! She needs sleep... I need sleep. and quiet frankly, I'm not sure I can survive another night on the couch with a restless 5 year old because she needs the lights on to sleep so that the storms can't get her.

But THIS I can do... I can do the couch night after night cuddled with a very warm active, restless 5 year old who is scared of her own shadow. I may not be able to make her day go right... but I can make her night go better... and if me not sleeping well lets her sleep... then THAT I can do.

I may be the mom of a sensational child, and of a sensational family... but I will never claim to be a sensational mom... because let's face it... lately I have been less than sensational... ALOT.