Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Today I failed my child....

Today was supposed to be the first of many meetings to set up and implement Shelby's IEP for the next school year. I went in prepared.... I knew what I wanted and I also knew what to expect after talking to other special needs parents in my community. Let's just say I got exactly what I expected at this meeting..... Absolutely nothing. I got the song and dance about how Shelby will never qualify for services because her "issues" do not effect her education and she will not qualify for an IEP. Blah blah blah.... The meeting ended with them telling me nothing and me getting nothing.

I made several mistakes during my meeting today, the first being I went alone. I knew that was a mistake before I even entered the room. I have heard story after story about what happens when people go alone and I went alone anyways. Second mistake I let them intimidate me. I let all the letters and degrees behind their names get in the way of my daughters right. O don't care how long they've been a child psyc, or a teacher or even a principal. I have been Shelby's mom for 6 years!!! I know her better than any one of them ever will... Unlike any of them I will never give up on her.

It is now my responsibility to gather the information needed to go forward. I requested today that she be evaluated for OT and will be requesting tomorrow that she be evaluate for speech as well... it seems to be a foot in the door so I'll go with it. But it has now fallen on me to do the 'paper chase' to get the school results of evaluations and notes from my doctors. I refused to sign a release of medical records with the school for our doctors/therapists because frankly.... I don't trust them. Why would I. So I will run around town getting paper work that I am willing to share with them... I will do it will a smile on my face because I know in the long run I am doing what's best for my child and the other children in her class as well.

All in all TODAY I failed my baby.... but I won't do it again!!!

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