Monday, May 9, 2011

It happened...

For some time I have been dreading the "Loose Tooth" that I was knew was coming as Shelby gets older. Shelby has watched her older sister lose teeth and frankly, it hasn't been pretty. Shelby would cry and scream and be in full out meltdown mode as her sister would work her tooth loose and when it would eventually fall out Shelby would scream because of the blood that almost always follows the newly fallen out tooth.

Last Thursday I was sitting at the computer when an email popped up from the girls' teacher (Shelby and her twin sister are in the same class) with the subject line "tooth". This could not possibly end well... as the panic and dread began to fill my system I clicked on the link that opened the email and this is what it said:


Shelby was eating her banana at lunch and not sure how
But bit down just right and her bottom tooth is very loose!
She had a bit of “freak out” but now she is ok.
She wanted me to call so I said I would email you.


OK...  we can deal with this right? I got this email about 25 minutess before the girls' were dropped off by the bus... so I started getting myself ready. I was thinking of what I was going to say, how I was going to comfort her etc. I had a plan in hand and I was prepared... or so I thought.

I see the bus stop in front of my house and the dread fills my body... it has been such a good day and I just KNEW that this was going to put an end to it all.

I walk to the end of the drive to get the girls and Shelby bounds off the bus and says "Mom, my tooth is loose... let's get it out. Can you pull it out please?"..... huh?

I stand there for a moment in shock... and even look around to make sure there aren't cameras somewhere and this was an episode of "PUNKED" --- does anyone but me remember that show??? You know Ashton Kutcher pre Demi Moore???--- anyways.

We head into the house and I get some tissues and a few q-tips, I was expecting it to bleed. I ask to see the tooth and it is sooooooooooooo loose, it is barely hanging on.

So I ask her if she wants me to wrap her up in her hot dog blanket (its a lightly weighted blanket) and she says "No thank you... I can do this". So we sit on the floor and I ask her to open her mouth. I tell her step by step what I am going to do... "Mommy is going to touch your bottom lip now, is that ok", "Mommy is going to wiggle your tooth, is that ok" etc. I barely wiggle the tooth because I am expecting screams and tears... I get none. So I wiggle it a bit more ... still nothing. I realize now that I am going to have to push fairly hard to get the tooth to pop. So I tell her "I have to push hard ok?" she says as best as she can with my fingers in her mouth "Ok mom"....

So I do it... and POP!!! out comes to tooth... her eyes get wide and her smile gets big... well as big as it can with my fingers in her mouth. I quickly grab the q-tips to push into the space that once held her tooth so stop the blood that I knew would make her gag  (she did gag, but thankfully we did not throw up)... and she was done!! Once the bleeding stopped she had to call Daddy, Grandma, etc to tell them.

And what does Shelby say when all the phone calls are done and we have all calmed down?

"When is that fairy gonna get here with my money????"

Yep... THAT'S my sensational kiddo :)


  1. I just love her to bits! Way to go mom! You did great too!

  2. I can really relate to this post. My sensational 6 1/2 year old has been requesting teeth pulling for each and every loose tooth. No tears, no fear just a desire to receive the $ left by the toothfairy. What I can't figure out is what magic the tooth fairy has to allow him to put aside his sensory issues for these few moments and have strength and courage he doesn't normally have. If I do figure this out I think I'll bottle it and use it only for those rare occassions where I don't have the strength or courage to help him :)