Wednesday, May 11, 2011

SPD Blogger Network

When we first began on our journey with Sensory Processing Disorder we went into full research and find out everything mode. I looked for everything and anything that had even a tad to do with Sensory Processing. I looked for organizations and books and website. By far one of the best websites I found was actually a blog. It is called "Hartley's Life with Three Boys". Hartley being the mom of kiddos with "quirks" was willing to share so much information about her family and how they delt with different situations etc.

I read her blog over and over... and through reading her blog I also happened upon the Blogger Network. The blogger network was basically a 'list' of bloggers who also discussed their children's sensory issues and shared their experiences and advice and offered support to others. It is a wonderful resource but it took a lot to check all the different blogs every day.

Well now it's even easier... now you can go to one site and read several posts/day about the amazing world of sensory processing disorder etc. Anyone can contribute to the blog and editors/moderators will set when posts will publish etc but it's awesome!

There are stories about finding babysitters for our special needs kids, how to deal with 'others', etc. There literally is a post about everything.. and if it isn't there... maybe you could write it and help someone else ... 

You should check it out... and in the event that you are a sensational parent and have some stories to share... you should :)

You can find the SPD Blogging Network by following the this link:

I promise... you won't be disappointed

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